few of many

these are the worlds that the empire destroyed. the ones that i can remember. i am sure there were many more.


orbiting a red star. covered in swirling lavender clouds, civilization hidden below.

it had been deemed useless.

i remember saying, "-and you would kill them all, just because they are in your way?" desperate and futile. then, pain down my chest. slashes. i don't know how long i was able to hold out for. it wasn't long enough. it never would have been.

the world seemed to shatter. pulled apart by a force flickering in blue and red. nothing left but interstellar rubble, no trace of the atmosphere that had given it its color.

many sweeps later [centuries, maybe] my course took me near where it had been, or maybe i went a bit off course on purpose. there was nothing left. only an asteroid belt that now orbited the star where once there had been a world.

our wrongs remain unrectified / and our souls won't be exhumed